Diploma paper - Lexical and grammatical aspects of internet communication - ID:05803 - Volum 60 pagini

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Chapter 1: The Language of Blogs and Its Linguistic Characteristics

1.1 Differences between Formal and Informal Style
1.2 Advantages of Blogs
1.3 Linguistic Characteristics of Blogs
1.3.1. Vocabulary of the Language Used in Blogs
1.3.2. Grammar Features of Blogs
1.3.3. The Style of Blogging
1.4 Expressions of Emotions and Human Relations in the Blogs
1.5 Effect of Internet Communication on the Language Usage

Chapter 2: Linguistic and Pragmatic Approach Blogging
2.1 Description of Blogs
2.2 Structure of Blogs
2.3 Lexical – Sematic Dimension of the Blog Language
2.4 Grammatical Dimensions of Blogs
2.5 Stylistic Dimension of the Blog Language
2.6 Advertising Analysis in Blogs
2.7 Comparison of the English and Romanian Internet Language Features