Topics of qualification papers - ID:05819 - Volum 4 pagini

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1. Perfect Forms in English and Their Rendering into Romanian OR Analytical Approach to Anteriority as a Grammatical Category
2. Non-Finite Forms in English; Peculiarities of Gerund and Present Participle and their Rendering into Romanian/Russian. Or Ways and Means of Expressing Unreality and Possibility in English and Romanian/Russian
3. Category of Case in English and Romanian
4. A Contrastive Study of Forms Expressing Unreality in English (Conditionals) and Their Translation in Romanian / Russian
5. English (Medical, Economic, Political, etc.)Terminology;
6. Word Building Structure
7. Contrastive Analysis of English and Romanian/Russian Economic (Political, etc.) Terms.
8. Difficulties in Translating English Prepositions,
9. Translation Peculiarities of Official Political Speeches in English and Romanian/Russian
10. Lexical and Grammatical Peculiarities of Business Correspondence
11. Contrastive Analysis of Intonation Patterns in English and Romanian Spontaneous Dialogues
12. Phrasal Verbs as a Unique Phenomenon in Modern English
13. Comparative Analysis of Phraseology (Phrasal Verbs) in English
14. English Idioms and Their Translation into Romanian/Russian
15. Usage Peculiarities of English Infinitives and Their Translation into Romanian/Russian
16. Confrontation in Forms of Verbal Categories in English and Romanian /Russian
17. Sentence Patterns in English and Romanian/Russian
18. Peculiarities of Expressing Modality in English vs Romanian/Russian
19. Handling Passive Voice Constructions in English
20. Difficulties in Rendering English Proverbs
21. English Idioms and Their Translation into Romanian / Russian
22. Lexical, Grammatical, and Stylistic Peculiarities of English Newspaper Articles
23. Ways of Teaching English Modals / Verb Tenses / Conditionals at School