Thesis - Main Characteristics of Publicistic and Scientific Styles Using Some Case Studies - ID:02855 - Volum 25 pagini

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Chapter I. The General Notes on Style and Stylistics

1.1 Expressive Means and Stylistic Devices
1.2 General Notes on Functional Styles of Language
1.3 Phonetic Expressive Means and Stylistic Devices
1.4 Lexico-Phraseological Stylistic Means
1.5 SD based on the Interaction between the Logical and Emotive Meanings
1.6 SD based on the Interaction of the Primary and Secondary Logical Meaning
1.7 SD which give Additional Characteristics to the Objects described
1.8 Repetition. Antithesis. Climax. Represented speech
1.9 Asyndeton. Polysyndeton

Chapter II. Scientific Style
2.1 The Meaning and Nature of “Scientific Style”
2.2 Authorship. Abstract. Introduction
2.3 Results. Tables. Figures and graphics
2.4 Titles
2.5 Other Types of Documents
2.6 Writing Style