Thesis - Translating Lexical Stylistic Devices from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll into Romanian - ID:05834 - Volum 69 pagini

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Chapter I. Linguistic and Extralinguistic Approach to Stylistic Devices

1.1. Concept of Figurative Language
1.2. Lexical Stylistic Devices: Role and Function in Children’s Literature
1.3. Linguistic Dimension of Metaphor, Simile, Epithet, Hiperbole
1.4. Translation of Literary Work
1.4.1 Translation Techniques of Stylistic Devices from En into Ro (Zoia Proșina)

Chapter II. Translating Lexical Stylistic Devices from “Alice in Wonderland” by L. Carroll into Romanian
2.1. Description of the novel “Alice in Wonderland” by L. Carroll
2.2 Translation of metaphors
2.3 Translation of Simile
2.4 Translation of Personification
2.5 Translation of Epithet
2.6. Translation of Hyperbole
2.7 Statistical analysis of translating the stylistic devices

General Conclusions