Thesis - Peculiarities of Specialized Discourse in the Domain of Technology and Their Translation into Romanian - ID:05835 - Volum 76 pagini

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Chapter I. Linguistic Characteristics of Technology Texts

1.1. The Concept of Specialized Discourse
1.2. Terminology: Basic Notions
1.3. Means of Technology Term Formation
1.3.1. Derivation
1.3.2. Compounding
1.3.3. Abbreviations
1.3.4. Borrowings (Latinisms)
1.4. Semantic Relations of Technology Terms (polysemy, synonymy, monosemy, antonymy)
1.5. Grammar and Style of Technology Texts
1.6. Peculiarities of Translating Specialised/Technology Texts
1.6.1. Translation Techniques used in Rendering Technology Texts
1.7. Conclusions

Chapter II. A Contrastive Study of Technology Texts in English and Romanian
2.1 Description of the Domain
2.2 Structural Analysis of Technology Terms (GLOSAR 150)TERMENI FARA CONTEXT
2.3 Semantic Analysis ….termeni în contex/propozitie+ dictionar
2.4 A Contrastive Analysis of Technology Language in English and Romanian from a Translation Perspective (de lucrat pe text paralel En-Ro)
2.4.1 Means of Translating Technology Terms
2.4.2 Translating Technology Language from English into Romanian
2.5. Conclusions

General Conclusions